Current Graduate Students

Tanya Brinkley
Women’s Policy Issues, Women’s Studies, Women Veterans, Disabled Veteran Policy
Jessica Duvall
LGBTQ History, Queer Theory, Social Movements, Identity Development, Public History
David Galban
Transnationalism, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Contemporary Migration and Diasporas from Latin America to the United States, History and Role of Individualism in U.S. Society, Citizenship, Nationhood, Belongingness, Language and Cultural Identity
Paola Garcia
Uruguay, Murga, Transnational Migration, Diasporic Identity, Latin American Decolonial Philosophy, Ethnography
Gabriel Greaves
Migrant Studies, Latin America and the Caribbean, Black Power Movement, Freedom Riders, Civil Rights Movement, history of Black Indians, Blacks in the Development of the Western Frontier, Jewis and Arabic Literature/History, Social Justice Movements in the United States
Heather Harris
Prison Studies, Social Movements, Migration, Gender and Women’s Studies, Literature and Film
Stephanie Hogue
Disability Studies, 20th Century American Literature, Prison Systems, Social Justice Movements, Rural Studies
Camille Kleidsyz
Gender and Women’s Studies, African-American History
Sanaz Mousavi
Rumi poetry and Sufism in America , comparative literature studies, American literature, American historical religious (especially theosophy)and cultural studies, transnational feminism, transcendentalist movements in America, new religions and philosophical theories in America
Vanessa Schill
Participatory Culture, Communication, Digital and Social Media, Gender Studies, Feminism, Mid-Century American Popular Culture, Pedagogy
Lissa Small
Cultural Exchange, 18th Century History, Immigration, Material Culture, History and Culture of Catholicism, Linguistics, Intercultural Communication
Naznin Sultana
Film Studies, Native American History, Immigration and Acculturation in the United States, American Foreign Policy, LGBTIQ Issues
Frederick Walt Tillman II
American Presidency, Political Culture
Anna Tussey
Transnationalism, Latinos in the United States, 20th Century Migration, Gender Studies, Feminist Literature, Cultural Studies, Modern Ethnic Conflict
Kristen Michelle Walker
20th Century African American Theatre and Literature, Pop Culture, African American History, The Civil Rights Movement, Historic Preservation, Visual and Performance Studies
Sean Watkins
Historical Theology, Gender and Women’s Studies, African American Literature and Religion, Psychology, Drama and Film Studies, Peace and Protest, Religion
Christi Williams
U.S. Borderland Relations, Environmental and Sustabilibity Issues, Cultural Ideologies involving American Exceptionalism, Frontierism, and the “American Hero” Mystique
Jacki Winters-Allen
Film and Theatre Studies, Popular Culture, Ethnic and Regional Studies, American Literature