Current Graduate Students

David Galban

David received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2010 from Kennesaw State University, where he served as an undergraduate research/teaching assistant. He is currently working as a GRA for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at KSU where he is pursuing his MA in American Studies with a Transnational Concentration. In 2014, David obtained a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Ethics from the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics, and Character. David is particularly interested in the identity formation of new immigrants (transnationals) and the role that cultural characteristics such as language and social values like individualism affect immigrants.

Areas of Interest

Transnationalism, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Contemporary Migration and Diasporas from Latin America to the United States, History and Role of Individualism in U.S. Society, Citizenship, Nationhood, Belongingness, Language and Cultural Identity