Recent Alumni

Name Degree Year Thesis Title Advisors
Ann Burkly 2014 Nomination to the National Register of Historical Places: Warden's Residence, McNeil Island, Washington Catherine Lewis
Jennifer Dickey
Amber Martinez 2014 Japanese American Internment: A Tragedy of War Catherine Lewis
Jennifer Dickey
Shelley McGinnis 2014 "Haunted by the Spirits of Men in Blue and Grey": The "Ghosts of Marietta" Tour, Selective History, and the Construction of Local Identity Linda Niemann
Linda Stewart
Crystal Money 2014 Nonprofit Organizations and the Ever-Changing Culture of the American Society: An Analysis of Values and Support Rebecca Hill
Linda Johnston
Ilham Ramram 2014 Marginalizing Muslims as the Other: Dominant and Persistent Prejudicial Imagery, Discourse, and Policy of the United States Dan Paracka
Anne Richards
Maia Hallward
Joann Trodahl 2014 The Salzburger Story and Its Legacy in Rincon, Georgia Catherine Lewis
Jennifer Dickey
Juan Carlos Trejo 2013 The Vietnam War and its Detrimental Effects on Chicanos Alan LeBaron
Randall Patton
Mary Elizabeth Tyler Boucebci 2013 The Adventures of Aziz and Hyar: An Exploration of Gender Roles and Marriage in Muslim-American Reality TV David King
Anne Richards
Emily Dolezal 2012 The Innocents Abroad?: Examining Reasoning Behind Conscious Cultural Transgressions Performed by Central Asian Peace Corps Volunteers Todd Harper
Alan LeBaron
Judith Obiofuma 2012 Factors Influencing the Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rate of African American Males at Kennesaw State University Jennifer Wade-Berg
Seneca Vaught
Michael Irving 2012 Place and the ESOL Student in the Middle School Environment LeeAnn Lands
Linda Niemann
Ann Moye 2012 Blue-Haired Ladies and Mumbling Rednecks: Preserving LeeAnn Lands
Diana McClintock
Wende Ballew 2011 Religious Control Within Georgia's Women's Prisons and How It Influences Sexual Identities LeeAnn Lands
Ugena Whitlock
Rebecca Hill
Karen Burton 2011 Traumatic Family Narratives in a Cosmopolitan World: Identity in American Third Generation Holocaust Survivors Catherine Lewis
Linda Johnston
Anna Golden 2011 Identity Theft: HOAs and the Cultivation of Exceptional Whiteness Rebecca Hill
LeeAnn Lands
Emily Fox 2011 Preserving Roswell: The Voices of Historic Preservation in Roswell, Georgia Linda Stewart
LeeAnn Lands
Mandy McGrew 2011 A Balanced Approach to Health: Understanding the Health Care Practicies of Guatemalan Maya in the United States Alan LeBaron
Kenneth Maffitt
Kaci Schmitt 2011 Exploring Dress and Behavior of the Emo Subculture Rebecca Hill
Ugena Whitlock
Kyra Whitton 2010 Women as Subject and Audience in World War II Venereal Disease Posters Elsa Nystrom
Joe Thomas