Careers in American Studies

Students who graduate with a degree in American Studies have a knowledge of America’s history, an understanding of its politics, an insight into its literature, and familiarity about its culture and foreign policy, all of which could be attractive to potential employers looking for someone who can demonstrate flexibility of thought. Other key skills include critical evaluation, excellent communication and organization, clear and logical thinking, and cultural awareness.

Students who enroll in American studies courses develop key research and analytical skills as they begin to view the United States and the Americas within larger world systems, taking into account how American cultures have been continually reshaped by the movement of people, commerce, and ideas. This coursework leads students to work in a variety of sectors and popular career choices include teaching, journalism, publishing, law, broadcasting, and librarianship. Graduates with experience in American Studies have an in-depth knowledge of many aspects of American history, literature, politics, and culture, making them attractive to multinational companies who operate in or have extensive business relationships with the United States.