Anne Richards

Coordinator, Peace Studies Program
Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Contact Information

Office: English Building (EB 27), Room 171
Phone: 470-578-2038
Fax: 470-578-9057


Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies; Affiliate of KSU's School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, and Development; senior member of the Research Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse, and member of the Doctoral Committee of the English Department of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Teaching at Kennesaw State since 2004  

Education:  Ph.D., Iowa State University, Rhetoric and Professional Communication, M.A., Iowa State University, Teaching English as a Second Language, B.A., Grinnell College, Religious Studies  

Specializations:  Cultural Studies, Islam in America, Rhetoric, Peace Studies, Immigration Studies, Memoir, Visual and Document Design

Typical Courses Taught: Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies, e.g., Writing the Spiritual Memoir (ENGL 3230/PAX 3780), Theories of Nonviolence (PAX 3600), and World Literature (ENGL 2110)

Publications: Historic Engagements with Occidental Cultures, Religions, Powers (edited with Iraj Omidvar), Palgrave 2014; Muslims and American Popular Culture (two volumes edited with Iraj Omidvar), Praeger 2014; Complex Worlds: Digital Culture, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication (edited with Adrienne Lamberti), Baywood Technical Communication Series 2010; Writing the Visual: A Practical Guide for Teachers of Composition and Communication (edited with Carol David), Parlor Press 2005

Other: Anne was a Fulbright teaching fellow with the University of Sfax, Tunisia from 2006–2007; a Fulbright ambassador from 2010–2013; and a Fulbright specialist with the University of Mindanao, Philippines in 2014. In 2013, she served as the local project scholar for a National Endowment for the Humanities project exploring Islam in America, a grant received by the KSU Sturgis Library and the KSU Museum of History and Holocaust Education.  




Ph.D., Iowa State University
B.A., Grinnell College
M.A., Iowa State University

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