Griselda Thomas

Coordinatior, African and African Diaspora Studies
Associate Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies

Contact Information

Office: Social Sciences (SO 22), Room 2014
Phone: 470-578-2419
Fax: 470-578-9057


Assistant Professor

Teaching at Kennesaw State since Fall 2008  

Education: Doctor of Philosophy in African –American Studies (2008), Temple University  

Other Affiliations or Positions: Jointly appointed in African & African Diaspora Studies and Affiliated with Gender & Women Studies

Specializations: Black Women Writers; African-American Literature & Culture; and Black Feminist Thought Courses Regularly Taught: ENGL 3500 (Topics in African American Literature), ENGL 3360 (Major African-American Writers), AADS 2100 (Introduction to African &African Diaspora Studies), GWST 3020 (The Black Woman); and ENGL 2110 (World Literature).

Most Recent or Most Important Publications: “If You See My Scars, You Will Feel My Pain: The Significance of Scarification in the Private Narrative Fiction of Black Women Writers.” The Zora Neale Hurston Forum, Volume XVIII (2004): 27-35. “Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment” by Patricia Hill Collins.” Encyclopedia of Black Studies. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 2004.




M.A., Northeastern University
M.A., Temple University
Ph.D., Temple University
B.A., Kennesaw State University

Program Members

Brown-Spiers, Miriam
Dickey, Jennifer
Dudenhoeffer, Larrie
Eanes, Edward
Giddens, Elizabeth
Hedeen, Tim
Hill, Rebecca
Jaramillo, Nathalia
Keltner, Stacy
Kim, Na-Rae
King, David
LeBaron, Alan
Lewis, Catherine
Lieberman, Robbie
McClintock, Diana
McGrew, Mandy
Miller, Cherie
Morgan, Nina
Niemann, Linda
Nystrom, Elsa
Paracka, Daniel
Patton, Randy
Piecuch, Jim
Pynn, Tom
Reeve, Kay
Richards, Anne
Silva, Ernesto
Stewart, Linda
Thomas, Griselda
Thomas, Joe
Way, Albert
Wright, Trey