Tony Grooms

Director, MAPW
Professor of English

Contact Information

Office: English Building (EB 27), Room 133
Phone: 470-578-6440
Fax: 470-578-9057


Teaching at Kennesaw State since 1995

Education: MFA 1984 George Mason University

Specializations: Creative writing; The short story; American literature

Courses Regularly Taught: WRIT 3120 Beginning Fiction Writing; WRIT 4120 Advanced Fiction Writing; PRWR 6460 Beginning Fiction Writing; PRWR 7500 Advanced Fiction Writing; ENGL 2120 World Literature

Most Recent Publications:  Trouble No More: Stories. (new edition with foreword and preface) Kennesaw State University Press, Kennesaw, GA. (January 2006). Bombingham: A Novel. Free Press/ Simon and Schuster, NY (October 2001). “Octopus Surprise.” African American Review. Volume 43.1. p. 1


Program Members

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Dickey, Jennifer
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Dyckhoff, Danelle
Gephardt, Katarina
Grooms, Tony
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