Minor in American Studies

All students minoring in American Studies must take five courses for a total of fifteen credit hours. Although a good deal of freedom in course selection is permitted, it is expected that all students will acquaint themselves with the materials, skills, and perspectives of American Studies.

The courses that make up the minor are below:


  1. Required Courses (6 credits)
    Course Num Course Title Credit Hours
    AMST 3700 Principles and Methods of American Studies 3
    AMST 3710 U.S. in the World 3
  2. Select At Least Two of the Following (6-9 Credit Hours)
    Course Num Course Title Credit Hours
    AMST 3740 American Popular Culture 3
    AMST 3750 Place in American Culture 3
    AMST 3760 Advanced Studies in American Identities 3
    AMST 3770 American Cultural Productions 3
    AMST 3780 American Cultural Movements 3
    AMST 4490 Special Topics in American Studies 3


  1. Electives (0-3 Credit Hours)

    The balance of credits is drawn from the following. With the permission of the American Studies Program Coordinator, English majors may use one ENGL course toward the minor AREA II electives, and History majors may use one HIST course toward the minor AREA II electives.

    Course Num Course Title Credit Hours
    ANTH 3321 Indigenous Peoples of North America 3
    ENGL 3340 Ethnic Literatures* 3
    ENGL 3360 Major African American Writers* 3
    ENGL 3500 Topics in African American Literature 3
    ENGL 4360 American Literature Before 1800 3
    ENGL 4460 19th-Century American Literature 3
    ENGL 4560 20th-Century American Literature 3
    FILM 3220 Studies in Film* 3
    GWST 3010 Queer Theory & Sexuality* 3
    GWST 3020 Black Feminisms* 3
    GWST 3030 Gender in Popular Culture* 3
    HIST 3304 History of Georgia 3
    HIST 3310 The Old South 3
    HIST 3311 The New South 3
    HIST 3315 History of the American West 3
    HIST 3331 History of Religion in the United States 3
    HIST 3332 U.S. Social and Cultural History 3
    HIST 3333 African American Hist to 1865 3
    HIST 3335 African American Hist, 1865 to Present 3
    HIST 3341 Women in U.S. History and Culture 3
    HIST 4435 History and Memory 3
    PHIL 3020 American Philosophy 3
    POLS 4427 American Political Thought 3
    SOCI 3314 Race and Ethnicity* 3

    * Requires approval of American Studies Program Coordinator and completion of a course substitution form


Important Information About Minors

When students declare a formal minor, it is not automatically displayed on the student transcript. In order for the minor to appear on the transcript, students must fill out a special “Minor Form” with the Office of the Registrar when the student petitions to graduate.

Program Resources

Program Advisement

Rebecca Hill - Graduate Director & Undergraduate Coordinator, AMST Program